Karcepts - BDL/Skunk2 70mm RBC Adapter

Karcepts - BDL/Skunk2 70mm RBC Adapter
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Product Description

Karcepts BDL/Skunk2 70mm Throttle Body To RBC/RRB/RBB Intake Manifold Adapter:

This adapter provides the SOLUTION for directly bolting up a BDL/Skunk2 70mm throttle body to an Accord Euro R, 2006-2009 Civic Si or 2004-2005 TSX intake manifold (fitment & install identical to KIM01).All mounting hardware is provided for attaching the adapter to the intake manifold and the throttle body to the adapter. Two rubber plugs are additionally included in order to plug the unused MAP sensor port located on the RBC/RRB/RBB intake manifold as well as the ability to plug the EVAP Purge Control Valve port (if desiring to do so) in order to gain additional hood clearances.