PasswordJDM - Spherical Bearing Trailing Arm

PasswordJDM - Spherical Bearing Trailing Arm
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Product Description

Introducing the PasswordJDM Spherical Bearing Kit by PCI (Pro Car Innovations)!! This is an ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone that does serious track duty such as autox, HPDE, or any other form of road race or daily spirited driving. It is a direct replacement for your factory rear trailing arm bushing. These will help maintain a consistent suspension geometry on hard cornering therefore getting more pavement contact from your tires. A perfect finishing touch to your suspension setup.

NEW UPDATED VERSION: PCI has created a trailing arm spherical bearing kit that now has a offset shaft and housing. What this does is allow for a wide range of bump steer adjustability. We have found that on lowered Hondas/Acura’s there is a significant amount of tow in under bump and tow out during rebound caused by the angle of the tow link. Once this problem is corrected the car is much more stable and predictable. Softer springs can also be used without sacrificing the cars ability to rotate well through turns. This bearing kit can also be installed to where there is no change over stock settings if bump steer correction is not desired. Like any spherical bearing that is to be used in a suspension system, the reason is to eliminate deflection. Rubber or urethane bushings will have deflection under load which will lead to unwanted camber and toe changes. Modified suspension, bigger stickier tires all lead to higher suspension loads thus more unwanted camber and toe changes. This causes an unpredictable car. The rear end stability and predictability in a track car is very important. On Honda’s equipped with rear trailing arms, the most critical pivot point in the rear suspension is the bushing on the trailing arm, this is the direct link to your toe links which are responsible for proper toe changes during the suspension cycle. Only by using a spherical bearing at this very critical part of the suspension can deflection be eliminated.

This will fit all EG/EK 92-00 Civic, DC2 94-01 Integra, and EF 88-91 Civic/CRX with rear disc brakes.