Walbro 255LPH HP Fuel Pump Acura/Honda GSS341

Walbro 255LPH HP Fuel Pump Acura/Honda GSS341
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- 1991 - 2000 - NSX

- 1990 - 1993 - ACCORD

- 1988 - 1991 - CRX

- 1992 - 1996 - PRELUDE

Whether you’re upping the boost or stroking your block – more fuel is a MUST!

Walbro Fuel Pumps are the industry standard for high performance fuel pumps regardless of make or model.

Walbro Fuel Pumps provide unmatched performance, longevity and reliability – not to mention fuel delivery. From 190LPH to 255LPH, Walbro will make sure your best is fed!

Trust only Walbro Fuel Pumps when it comes to your vehicle.

The letters LPH simply stand for Liters Per Hour, which is a measure of how much a fuel pump can "flow" (the more the better). The HP stands for High Pressure, and just means that the fuel pump is designed to operate efficiently at high pressures, which are commonly needed on turbocharged/supercharged applications.

The Walbro 255 LPH-HP pump is just about the strongest fuel pump you can buy, and it can support over 600 horsepower! The 255 LPH is most commonly used for light to medium boost turbocharged/supercharged applications.